When they can't dissuade, they lie!

The Jewish Media Insists Dr. Fredrick Toben Has Apologized for his Views on the holocaust. 

(See details on: http://curtmaynardsnewestblog.blogspot.com)

Scholars are the pet hate of Zionists because their words resonate far and fast. Zionists want to muzzle any mouth that tells the truth; they know well that truth-diggers can make a difference.

If they don’t have any thing to worry about, why should they panic every time dust is removed and truth is made less hazy?

What has been defended yesterday as an absolute truth and justified the invasion of an independent country like Iraq despite the opposition of the world’s people has been quickly recanted by the same mouths.

The hoax will not resist long in front of truth-diggers. ‘Holo-hoaxists’ should always remember Galileo. He was forced to stand trial and publicly denounce his own belief. Neither his life imprisonment nor his final blindness prevented the truth from coming out and dazzle the world. The Roman Catholic Church is still stigmatized for that. Your turn is coming ‘Holo-hoaxists’.

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