Baghdad desecrated

When Baghdad’s virginity was desecrated and the invaders played havoc in the most treasured people’s memories, my pen shed tears…

A drop of curtsey to the cradle of civilisation


Cradle of Civilisation Lost


If we abandon ourselves to the torment of infamy,

Depredation, vandalism and perjury,

Emblems of death with relics of mortality

Will flirt every home…what a hapless tragedy!



If no one resists the torrent and adds a dash of humanity,

Never will mother land be a haven of safety.

A nest it will be for those begotten in cruelty,

Conceived in shame and atrocity.


Written the day Baghdad was besieged

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Governments and Cats...

Governments and Cats,

The Feline Marking Policy


Cats in our world are good inspiration for governments. Feline behavior is a model. Marking, scratching, biting, devouring… are all good tools for governments in the third world countries. You are always trespassing… you are all intruders. They scratch, bite and devour every intruder.

- You are to blame! You shouldn’t be there.

- Where?

- Everywhere! When you stand on someone else’s land, what  

  do you expect?

- Where to go then?

- As everybody is doing, be one of them!

- How dare you?

- Or run away! Venture your life in another place.


In our world, life is like lottery. Sweepstake a place, then cross deserts, cruise seas and oceans and take a hold there. Your freedom is at stake but you have nothing to lose. An intruder you were, an intruder you are…What difference?! That’s your ID.  Intruder Destiny! You are destined to consume your days seeking a safe haven. Don’t bother about tomorrow. To be alive today is good enough! ALHAMDU LILLEH!! (Thank God!). That’s the leitmotiv. If you keep saying it hundreds of times a day, you close heaven’s gates. But I don’t think God will accept that reasoning. That’s self-deception! So do something right now.