An American lady with Palestinian descent retorted angrily  to Dr. Mordechai Kedar's claims of superiority over other nations and religions. This article was published by WATA Forums as a post for discussion.
She said:
Since you started these shenanigans of nonsense and absurdity of claiming superiority based on one particular Jew religion, and furthermore since you subjected me along with everyone else on this side of the track to your lunatic rants, then I might as well level with you...Your religion is so great and genetically manifested, then why is it that you are less than one tenth of one percent of world population, despite the fact that this "great religion" of yours being the oldest amongst monolithic religions? You need not bother..we already know the answer!
In the meantime and back to your shenanigans...Its only natural for jews to accumulate all these Noble peace prizes due to the fact that you were scattered throughout the world, and unlike your claims, you were offered every opportunity to educate yourself and excel in every country you existed...what you failed miserably to mention however is that your ilk (jews) turned their back on every single country and group of people that ever gave you a shelter and a lending hand and you grudgingly stabbed them squarely in the back. Case in point; the countries of Russia and Germany..and countless others, not to mention the hapless but generous Arabs who allowed your wretched bunch to tag along in the way back to Arabia after the debacle in Spain, and you were welcomed with open arms throughout the Arab world...In the end and thanks to the deadly disease of Zionism...jews became professional parasites and Judaism is no longer a religion, rather its a profession to blackmail every single Christian nation on earth in the name of the so-called holocaust..
May Allah the merciful forgive me in Ramadan


Colonialist Cuisine

By Bendib published by: http://desertpeace.wordpress.com
Many things had been concocted since the coming of the first Zionist settlers. The Chef the sous-chefand assistants all convened to poison Palestine and its inhabitants. Some of the dishes are still simmering, others were overcooked but most of the poisoned food was consumed and contaminated people's minds and hearts. What will the dessert-surprise be?