Life springs out from rubble

When you destroy a bird’s nest, instinctively that bird will keep flying around the area for days. So did the Gazans after the weapons of cruelty destroyed their cosy homes. The Palestinian strong ties with their land can never be sensed by the Zionist gangs coming from nowhere. The day has come for Zionists to pack and leave the land for the historical inhabitants of Palestine who again and daringly pitch their tents on the wreckage of their houses destroyed by the planes and tanks of the cowards. Life will spring out again from rubble. A challenge that will slap Zionists on the face and drive them out of their senses again.



What is happening seems to be out of time! While the willful people have started destroying walls and social barriers in an attempt to beautify the ugly face of the world inherited from 19th and 20th centuries, Israel, the rogue state, is still reiterating the same logic of power that has been prevailing over that long period. Israel’s governing glutton thugs collected from nowhere are still fattening by sucking the blood of the grandchildren of their alleged German ‘oppressors’ and lingering the historical falsehood of the ‘HOLY COST’ -holocaust being a genuine Zionist big lie-to steal more and more lands, build longer and longer walls and infringe more and more UN resolutions. By using their panoply of forbidden lethal weaponry over Gaza lately, Zionists have crossed the lines. They have targeted the very existence of the coming generation of Palestinians who, to the Zionists’ great delight, will be maimed, disfigured and impotent. With the phosphorous weapons, DIME rockets and others… Israel is trying to reestablish a balance – that has never been in its favour- that of population. Is that much different from dropping a nuclear bomb on towns, the very-near history tells us about?