Israel Emulates Caligula

Reading through the exhaustive article  by Adib Kawar on http://intifada-palestine.com, some historical facts came to my mind. Didn’t Zionist terrorists kill the soldiers of the English army- the same country that gave them the right to exist? Didn’t they destroy an American ship –their indefatigable ally- knowingly?  Didn’t high government officials say out loud to Europeans that their major cities could be nuked?

Spying! That’s their relentless game. Spying on the Big Brother-USA-, on the Big Sister Britain is legal. Treason is not a part of their lexis.

“Let them hate me as long as they fear me”, said Caligula. Isn’t it the same currency used by Israel for foes or friends? Hatred gives them power. It gives them validation. If they bite the hands that stretch to them-full of taxpayers’ dollars and ultra-modern deadly arsenal-, do you expect them to comply with any UN resolutions?! Have they ever been true to their words in any commitment?!

Every deadly attack on Palestinians - the last on Gaza was the peak of it- proves that Zionists wish they could decimate them in one go. “If only they had only one neck” said Caligula about the Romans. The single neck of Palestinians would have spared a lot of energy and time for Zionists to satiate their blood thirst.

Aware of their ugly face exactly like Caligula, Zionists do not care about grooming themselves a bit. They magnify their ugliness- in front of the world’s eye, not Caligula’s mirror- by giving an assortment of outspoken unprecedented crimes that include scorching babies, sniping kids as in videogames, killing doctors and paramedics, blasting ambulances… notwithstanding the stunned, petrified world who was watching everything live.

With such an ignominy, and exactly like their idol Caligula, Israel, their mouthpiece in USA and their tentacles elsewhere (whatever the name) rebuke any close scrutiny of their ethos and stick their ready made easy-sticky-label (Anti-Semite, Pro-Hamas, Terrorist, treacherous, revisionist…) to anyone and muzzle any mouth that tries to uncover the truth.

Galileo died. He was forced to stand trial and publicly denounce his own belief. He was alone. Neither his life imprisonment nor his final blindness prevented the truth from coming out and dazzle the world. To the misfortune of Zionists, Galileo now is duplicated in hundreds of copies daily. This time the issue for new Galileos is to show the falsity of the myths Zionists have been propagandizing. Dr Sand and Gilad Atzmon are living modern Galileos who challenge the very existence of Israel.

Isn’t it agonizing enough for Zionists to see true Jewish devout men tearing Israeli passports? 

Isn’t it vilifying enough for Zionists to see Jews demonstrating and facing AIPAC’s strong hold with slogans reminding them of their villainy? 

Aren’t daily protest marches a blatant reality that the world doesn’t digest what this flock of insane people is doing to the world?

The bad wind has started for the Israeli ship now. The undertows are gathering momentum for the strong wave that will capsize the ship. Hundreds of cases are filed and archives are dusted. The day is coming!

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