The Relics of Death

The state of Israel is  based on a hoax;

Its army is a gang of war criminals who scorch babies and bury children alive.

Its politicians are a pack of racists.

IDF are sadistic; they enjoy starving millions of Palestinians

Forces of darkness there destroy schools (no Palestinian child should be enlightened).

They set up check points in every corner (iron-curtain policy),

Occupy houses and turn them into HQs. (self-defence)

Use civilians as human shields (they see themselves as a super race)

Kill children as potential terrorists (preemptive policy)

Wage war after war to insure their longevity (the blood thirsty cannot survive without shedding it)

Attack any country they like (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Tunisia,  a new one is looming on Iran)

Bowdlerize, seize or censor any publication that is not hailing Israel's policy. (the number of scholars incarcerated is increasing daily)

Stifle any attempt to shed light on the Israeli hoax. (shut up any free thinking mouth)

The list is long… how can they celebrate their 'national' or 'independence' day?

It's rather a dependence on blood shed, a dependence on murder professionalism,a dependence on state terrorism, a dependence on expansionism and land confiscation...

I think Israelis should sprinkle their flag with skulls to remind the world that death is their philosophy or may be borrow the pirate flag and decorate it with samples of the lethal weaponry IDF are using profusely these days. Here they are unbeatable. Above is a suggestion, it is not copyright.They can take it.

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