Embracing Gazans

Like a convoy of pilgrims who arrived on the MOULED DAY to GAZA - a notion so evocative in the collective memory of Muslims- Galloway and his followers “suited the action to the word”. A first in benevolence! But this is more than sympathy. In so doing, Galloway had belittled his own countryman Tony Blair, who bore no interest to Palestinians and who actually had a hand in marginalizing Hamas. The convoy crossed borders and endured difficulties to finally set foot on GAZA soil still mixed with the innocent victims’ blood. Kneeling to kiss the land of GAZA, Galloway embraced the souls of all the GAZANS–those living and those who passed away- in a loving and compassionate way. Who of the Arab leaders dared to leave his fortified bastion to go and see valour and heroism in women’s and children’s eyes in Gaza? That might annoy the Patrons in USA and Europe, they will tell you. But this is another slap on the treacherous Arab leaders’ faces after the ones they received from Latin America.  An old Arabic saying is worth citing here “you might have a brother your mother has never begotten” 

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