Deception, spin and lies

The Creed of Zionism

Gilad Atzmon is an Israeli-born musician, writer and anti-racism campaigner.He is one of the public figures who devoted his art, energy and time to condemn Zionist machinations. Every now and then, Gilad writes an article not to disfigure the State of Israel but to show its ugly face. This is an article he published on http://www.redress.cc

Israel can fool Western leaders but it can no longer fool the people
Gilad Atzmon argues that the success of Israeli leaders in hoodwinking Western politicians and historians is slowly beginning to unravel as ordinary people wake up to their deception, spin and lies.

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time." (Abraham Lincoln, 1809-65)

Less than a week after Ankara cancelled an air exercise with Israel, Turkey’s state-sponsored channel TRT1 broadcast "Ayrilik" ("Farewell"), a new prime-time TV show that depicts the true image of Israel’s genocidal military operation in Gaza last January. The Israelis are not happy. "Broadcasting this series is a serious case of state-sponsored incitement,” Israel's foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, said on 15 October. “Such a series, which doesn’t even have a weak connection to reality presents the IDF's [Israel Defence Forces] soldiers as murderers of innocent children,” he added. I wonder whether one should remind the hardliner Lieberman, who happens to be an enthusiastic ethnic cleanser and a proud Judaeo supremacist racist, that the reality on the ground last January was sufficiently “connected” to warrant a inquiry into war crimes and crimes against humanity. Israel’s genocidal war against the people of Gaza left over 1400 Palestinians dead. It also left thousands more injured, most of them children, women and elderly people. However, for once Lieberman happens to read the map. The Turkish TV show indeed depicts the IDF’s soldiers as murderers of children, women and the elderly for this is what Israeli soldiers are and this is exactly what Israel stands for politically, symbolically, ideologically and practically.

Although Lieberman is trying to appease his Israeli constituency and may even succeed in doing so, his attempt to put pressure on Turkish TV and the Turkish government is unlikely to work. By now we all know that Israel is all about the establishment of a “Jew-only state” in a stolen land called Palestine. As it happens, we tend to spend a lot of time writing about and analysing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But the facts on the ground are actually very simple. Zionism is an ideology that inspired the plunder of Palestine. Israel has put the robbery of Palestine and the Palestinians into practice. We are talking here about a national revival project that is taking place at the expense of another people. It is a murderous project inherently inspired by the Bible and an unethical plundering project of “home coming”. It is a lethal combination of some deadly interpretations of the Old Testament together with a non-ethical present. The only question to be asked is how they have got away with it? How do they continue to get away with plunder, murder, spreading white phosphorus and piling up nuclear weapons?

Spin, deception and lies are the answer

A few weeks ago, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stood in front of the UN waving the Wannsee Conference Protocol, suggesting that he was holding the “proof of the Nazi extermination of European Jewry”. With typical histrionics, he pleaded for the nations empathy. “Is this a lie?” he cried out. Embarrassingly, although the document he presented to the assembly was genuine, he was actually spinning the usual Zionist lines. The Wannsee Protocol refers in a rather general manner to the deportation to the east of the entire Jewish population of Germany and German-occupied territories. Although the document refers to the “Final solution”, the very “solution” it prescribed is rather different from the common interpretation offered by the Zionist Shoa narrative. The Wannsee Protocol refers basically to a sinister plan to exhaust the deported Jews by getting them to work in hard labour camps. As much as the Wannsee document is devastating, its relevance to the history of the Holocaust is rather limited, for the “Wannsee plan” has never materialized into an actual operational programme. It has actually nothing to do with the historicity of Jewish extermination known as theShoa. It doesn’t set any plan for death camps or gas chambers whatsoever. As a legal document, it proves nothing but general Nazi inclinations. As a historical document, it by no means “proves” theShoa and the extermination of the Jews; it just affirms that the Nazi regime was committed to the idea of Judenreine (free of Jews). However, this fact is well established and widely accepted even by most if not all Holocaust revisionists. As much as Netanyahu insisted on boosting the Holocaust with fresh credibility, he ended up waving a relatively insignificant piece of paper in front of the nations. Needless to say, he got away with it. However, far more crucial is the fact that the Wannsee Protocol outlines a programme that is not that different from Lieberman’s deadly plan for the Palestinians. In reality, it is the Jewish state that murders Palestinians en masse and starves those who survive. Moreover, it is very interesting also to elaborate on the following questions: how is it that the leader of the Jewish state stood in front of the world’s nation and spun his lines in broad daylight in the name of Israel and in the name of the Jewish people? What can we learn from the fact that an Israeli leader tried to fool the entire UN General Assembly? How is it that as Israeli prime minister managed to divert attention so easily from his own crimes against humanity that are taking place in the present with a relatively insignificant historical document? In short, how does he get away with it? The answer may be pretty trivial. As with the case of the Mossad motto, they make their wars by deception. The entire Jewish revival project is grounded on sets of lies. The entire tale of Jewish “home coming” is nothing less than a collective crime committed in broad daylight and based on false arguments and lies. Initially, Zionists were deceiving their fellow Jews but as time passed by they have been extending their tactics. For more than a while they have been spinning lies to us all. The Israelis and Zionists are born into a lie, they live their life through a lie, they tend to believe that they can get away with lies and deception, and the sad truth must be said: as far as world leaders are concerned, they actually do get away with it. As we know, not a single world leader challenged Netanyahu’s spin at the UN. More disturbing is the fact that not a single historian or intellectual tried to point out to the Israeli prime minister that, more than anything else, the Wannsee Protocol actually describes his own policies at home. Very few world leaders have the guts to oppose the Zionist spin operation. Recently, we have witnessed the courageous Iranian president, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, Venezuela’s leader, Hugo Chavez, and the Turkish prime minister, Tayyip Erdogan, challenge the Israeli lies. This is not a lot, considering the colossal atrocities committed by the Jewish state. However, it is better than nothing. The good news is that humanism and humanity are not exactly in the possession of politicians or so-called “world leaders”. It is actually our property, the property of members of the human race, the people out there who are witnessing the emerging evil. True humanity and humanism are delivered by kindness and an aspiration for ethics and truthfulness. In most cases it is actually artists and ordinary people who transform humanism into a vivid message. Our electedinterventionists insist on dragging us all into more and more Zionist wars in the name of the Holocaust, democracy and liberation. Tragically, our Western leaders are still silenced or at least “captivated” by Zionist lies. But this shouldn’t be a major concern anymore. The betrayal of Western ideologies (left, right and centre), politicians and institutions are an established fact. Succumbing to Zionist lies is apparently just one symptom among many. Not only will truth win, it is actually winning already. The identification of the Zionist spin is becoming common knowledge. As the foggy cloud of the Zionist brutality expands, we all develop a growing yearning for some beams of truth and grace. We are beginning to grasp that they make their wars by through deception. They may win a few more pyrrhic battles but they are losing the war.

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  1. The lies , machinations of the zionists will never end cause their existence means nothing in the realm of truth , it only gains its power from more lies .