The worst crime ever...

Day after day we discover the ugly face of Zionists. Today, we understand why IDF are keen on killing systematically Palestinians notwithstanding their age, gender or status. They certainly have a preference: the best buy comes with the vigorous and healthy ones…their organs will certainly sell well. This trafficking is unprecedented.

Palestine is serving like a breeding farm for human organs where human parts are given for the highest bidder. It doesn’t require a high IQ to guess how things are orchestrated. IDF have access to all medical files… They spot in advance their prey then capture, snipe or kidnap them openly. They take any organ they want then throw the rest in the ever-enlarging burial grounds for anonymous cadavers. 

The Swedish journalist has guts; he dared to raise a topic everybody knew about. American police have already arrested Rabbi organ thieves. The Anti-Semite red card has already been raised against the Swedish journalist… A tranquilizer that soothes burning minds and makes the lion-hearted persons chicken. 

Should we stand still and watch Zionists dilapidate this courageous man?

This article ridicules Zionist tactics to camouflage the truth.Read it on:



The Holocaust/anti-Semite card. Don't leave home without it!

How to play the Holocaust/anti-Semite card

Say you're a SLC on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean that was founded based on lies, murder, deceit and land theft. And say that your country still practices ingrained habits of murder, lies, theft of investors money, con games, false-flags, terror, corruption, racism and more land theft.

Say that this nation's inhabitants are narcissistic and vain to the nth degree, always needing the world to heap praise and constant admiration on that country, since the Eastern Europe immigrants that migrated to that nation have deluded themselves into thinking the universe revolves around them, after all, a G-d they created says they are the 'Chosen.'

Praise which usually comes thru the MSM, which confederates control and use to shape public opinion. Except....

Except occasionally a bit of harsh truth slips out, like stories about those 'light unto the world' people kidnapping humans and harvesting their organs...

Or stories asking questions why so many of their 'Tribe' members are in control of the world's largest economy thru manipulations of the Federal Reserve, Treasury Dept and Wall Street and what in the hell happened to all that money that Mom and Pop had invested.

And stories that seep thru the Zionist censors about the world's 'most moral' army shooting women and children carrying a white flag.

That's when you whip out your anti-Semite card©, recognized in over 150 countries around the world!

Use it to silence those who dare ask questions of your royal lineage. Or those who don't grovel and get down on bended knee when you tell another whopper! Or to make grown men in the US Senate piss their pants.

And for our elite clients, we now offer the Holocaust™ card which comes pre-approved with 6 million lies.

The Holocaust™/anti-Semite card©. Don't leave home without it!

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