Israel, the state of rascals

Intentional massive killing is a CRIME. Intentionally concealing the names of those who perpetrated the crime is another.  Forging new names and passports or submitting criminals to plastic surgeries is a third one.

By attempting to clear the track after the criminals, Israel admits the crime.

Declaring openly to the world that it will defend criminals by changing their identity is a haughty conduct that emanates from people who have no human integrity.

 Another time, Israel proves that it is living with special ethics that do not abide by human values recognised by people of the world. Israel is saying it loud to the world “We are blood-thirsty; we kill whoever we want wherever we want whenever we want SCOT-FREE.”

Even Nazis, who forged new identities to escape, did it individually. But when a state pretending to be a ‘democracy’ in the ‘middle east’ behaves like immoral rascals, it deserves the name of ‘Rogue State’ coined to describe some others. Or may be we should call it ‘Rascal State’ to maintain that singularity Israel insists to own!

With this condescending behavior Zionists prove to the non-Zionist minds of the world that the previous crimes, still undisclosed, were perpetrated en BONNE ET DUE FORME. 

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